Meetup AI: Innovation in horticultural technology: Data Science and data-driven crop management.

13 June 2023 17:00
Oracle HQ Utrecht

(1) Data Science as an innovation platform

Bob Peulen, Senior Technical Specialist – Data Science, Oracle

In the first session, we will dive into user cases in AI and Machine Learning. How does Oracle help its customers in the field of AI and Machine Learning?

Think about automatically recognising objects in photos or videos, extracting insights from texts, or seeing how Red Bull Racing uses Oracle to win races.

Besides a number of inspiring user cases, we will show AI Services and OCI Data Science as services on Oracle Cloud in an interactive demo.

(2) Delphy Implementing OCI Data Science: An Unexpected Journey

Leon Parren, Business Analytics Consultant, The DOC

In the second session, we will take you through the customer case of The DOC at Delphy Digital. Delphy is a company that, among other things, supports horticulturists, using Data Science, to optimise crops. We will zoom in on how OCI is used and how Data Science is integrated into the other applications and the ups and downs during our journey.


17.00 u.: welcome / reception

17.30-18.30 u.: session 1 (by Oracle)

18.30-18.45 u.: break

18.45-19.45 u:  session 2 (by The DOC)

19.45-20.30 u.: drinks

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