Donderdag 3 Oktober - Integration & Process Meetup

Lonneke Dikmans (CTO at eProseed, Oracle ACE Director & Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador)
Learning from the past - applying best practices to your Oracle JET applications
Technology in general and IT in particular keeps evolving. After the main frames, we started building client-server applications using either Java, C++ or 4GL languages like Forms. Then we moved to three tiered applications using .NET, JEE and to some extend Web Forms. Recent developments in HTML5 and the increased compute power and bandwidth have moved the focus back to client side applications. We are now building applications using JavaScript and toolkits like Oracle JET and node.js. One of the pitfalls of course is, that with new technology we forget about general best practices we learned in the past with ‘old fashioned technology’.
In this session we will investigate how we can apply continuous integration, unit testing and general coding guidelines we know and love from the Java world in our JavaScript endeavors. This is illustrated with a demo and a real use case.
Martien van den Akker (Senior Fusion Middleware Consultant at Darwin IT, Oracle ACE)
Kubernetes Managed Weblogic Revival
Weblogic is used as an infrastructure platform for many application setups. It's been Oracle's strategic platform since 2008, as a replacement for OC4J. Weblogic is a centerpiece in the whole Fusion Middleware stack. The industry is moving towards Containers, managed by Kubernetes more and more. What to do with all your current applications running on Weblogic. And what does Oracle do with the Fusion Middleware stack? In the world of Containers and Kubernetes, how does Weblogic fit in?
Does it even have a future there? In this talk I want to explain and demo that Weblogic is considered to have a revival there. I'll show the architecture, and the steps to make it work and what my experiences are. And I'll demo on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that it indeed does work
18:00 uur broodjes
18:30 uur Learning from the past - applying best practices to your Oracle JET applications
19:30 uur Pauze
19:45 uur Kubernetes Managed Weblogic Revival
20:45 uur Einde Recap / Netwerkborrel
Datum: Donderdag 3 oktober 2019 
Locatie: Oracle, Utrecht Zaal Aarde en Lucht - Hertogswetering 163-167
Parkeren: Bij "The Wall" P3. Na afloop kunt u uw parkeerkaart zelf afstempelen
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