Meet-up: 'Where are you' & 'Why Google Hates Apex apps'

   Dick Dral      Christian Rokitta
Sprekers: Dick Dral , 'Where Are you' (over geolocatie) en Christian Rokitta over 'Why Google Hates Apex apps' (Over de 'vindbaarheid' van jouw website). 

Where are you? How to use GPS location in Oracle APEX! door Dick Dral

This means that all the data entry will not be done in the office, but out in the field, many times at the actual location of the facts recorded. Using HTML5 it is possible to access the GPS location from your application. This enables the application to store the (current) GPS location into the database. After storing the coordinates in the database, you can show the data on a map, or perform spatial queries on them (give me all the rows within 5 km distance). You also can query the rows to get those rows close to your current location. That way you could identify a shop, petrol station or client without typing or selecting.


The presentation will go into how to build the various functionalities mentioned above using Oracle APEX. In fact, it is quite easy using some Oracle APEX plugins and the Oracle Spatial option. So after the presentation, anyone can use the GPS location using Oracle APEX.thout typing or selecting.


Why Google Hates my APEX App door Christian Rokitta

If you launch a website on the internet, you want your target audience to be able to find your site. If you do not know your audience on the forehand, it’s important to be found on search engines, with Google being the most dominant player in this area. But being findable is just a first step, and depending on your web apps purpose or business model, there are many other aspects to take into account. Especially when using APEX for building a public-facing web app, the particular characteristics and methods that are used by the framework are not always what the mostly automated analysis of Google’s different services does expect: URL, redirects, semantics, session handling, just to mention a few.

This presentation will explain the basics of a number of Google services and tools in relation to the characteristics and features of an APEX application, why these conflict and suggestions on how to fix this. The example data and statistics shown as an example belong to a web app, build with APEX, that has been publicly available for a number of years and using Google services from the very beginning.




Christian Rokitta:

Oracle Consultant; Oracle ACE; Managing Partner at iAdvise NL; Developer of APEX SmartPivot; Owner of de FamilieAgenda; Legal Alien in NL.

Dick Dral:
Freelance Oracle Developer, specialized in Oracle Application Express exploring the possibilities of mobile and web applications. He likes to share my experiences in this process with others. Dick is a self-employed APEX consultant and developer at his company Detora. He has been working with the Oracle database since 1988. Since 2007 he has specialized in Oracle APEX.


18:00 uur Ontvangst met broodjes en salades

18:30 uur ‘Where are you?  How to use GPS location in Oracle APEX!’  door Dick Dral

19:30 uur Pauze

19:45 uur ‘Why Google Hates my APEX App’ door Christian Rokitta

20:45 uur  Afsluiting & Netwerkborrel


Datum: 10 maart 2020

Locatie: Oracle, Utrecht Zaal Aarde & Lucht - Hertogswetering 163-167

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