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APEX World: 'Autonomous APEX'

16th & 17th March 2020 APEX World
'Autonomous APEX'
We are pleased to announce that the world's largest APEX only event will be held again in 2020. APEX World 2020 will again take place at the SS Rotterdam. The theme of this edition will be 'Autonomous APEX'.
The opportunity to get acquainted with Oracle's unique low code environment: Oracle APEX or to deepen your knowledge of it by learning from the Dutch and foreign experts. Of course, there will be room to network with colleagues, share experiences, get in touch with companies that use Oracle APEX successfully and partners that support them in doing so.
From Oracle, David Peake, Marc Sewtz and Menno Hoogendijk, will take care of the keynotes and will be present throughout the congress for all your questions and comments.
David Peake Marc Sewtz Menno Hoogendijk

Keynote David Peake: "Low Code Development for the Enterprise"

Learn about the benefits of low code and the success that the no-cost Oracle APEX framework has had around the world. This session will introduce the key challenges facing enterprise application developers and the benefits of a low code methodology. We will review real-world examples of custom application development, ERP extensions, and Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX conversion. David will highlight how the Oracle APEX low code framework delivers on the promise of low code with features that end-users really like. Low code is not the answer for every enterprise application, but for a number of use cases, low code delivers a better app in less time and with less effort.
Keynote Marc Sewtz: "Oracle APEX New Features and Roadmap"
Oracle APEX has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Thanks to strategic investments into opening up the platform to external data sources via support for REST APIs, a focus on Low Code development and the availability of APEX on the Autonomous Database, the worldwide number of APEX developers and APEX apps more than doubled over the past 12 months. With APEX 19.2 and APEX 20.1 we’re building on this success, introducing a powerful, new Faceted Search feature, modernized form widgets, enhanced data loading capabilities, improved printing and a new generation of packaged and sample apps. In this session, we’ll highlight some of these exciting, new capabilities and touch on our plans for the future of APEX.
Keynote Menno Hoogendijk: "How things work: APEX Reports"
Many new features have been added to Oracle APEX when it comes to reports. Faceted search is one of them. Find out what we did in this in-depth session. We will uncover the underlying infrastructure and public APIs that come with it. Let's look into performance and identifying bottlenecks. And finally, discuss the data export options.
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