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APEX World 2015, OGh, Rotterdam (SS Rotterdam)

After 5 successful previous editions of the "APEX World 'day, we have now opted for a more international character in a nice location. This year the event was held on the luxurious cruise ship SS Rotterdam, which is moored on the River Maas in the business center of Rotterdam.

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Speakers and abstracts
Robin Buitenhuis - President OGh
Reinier van Grieken - Managing Director Oracle (Nl)
Joel Kallman - Director, Software Development Oracle Application Express, Oracle (US)

Title: This is our (Collective) Year
Abstract: 2015 will be remembered as the year of Oracle Application Express. The adoption of Oracle Application Express and Web application development on the Oracle Database is accelerating - at universities, at Oracle customers and at our many partners around the world. Application Express 5 is the largest and most expensive release in the 16 year history of APEX, taking this already proven framework and reshaping the perception of modern application development on the Oracle Database. Come and get a glimpse at the golden brick road ahead for our enthusiastic, global Oracqcle APEX Community.

Bio: Joel Kallman is Director of Software Development for Oracle's Server Technologies division at Oracle America Inc. He is responsible for the development and product management of Oracle Application Express. Joel has been at Oracle since 1996 and is co-creator of Oracle Application Express. He is a contributing author of several books on Oracle technology, including Expert One on Oracle, Beginning Oracle Programming, and Mastering Oracle PL/SQL: Practical Solutions. Joel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer and Information Science from the College of Engineering, Ohio Sate University. Learn what is happening in the global APEX Community by following @joelkallmann on Twitter.
Shakeeb Rahman - Oracle (US)
Title: ''Elegance in the Enterprise''
Abstract: Not too long ago, enterprise software could focus on functionality alone to succeed in business. Now more than ever, it must also compete with design and usability; ensuring that your users are provided with the best experience possible. In 50 minutes, I will show how you can build these more intuitive, superior apps by highlighting the key tenants of good UI design. 
Bio: Shakeeb Rahman is a Principal Software Developer at Oracle and leads user interface design for Oracle Application Express (APEX), packaged apps, and themes. Shakeeb strives to empower APEX developers with the tools they need to build clean, beautiful, responsive applications and regularly presents at industry conferences including Oracle Open World and ODTUG KScope. You can have insight into what Shakeeb is up to by following @shakeeb on Twitter ( 
Stijn van Raes - iAdvise (België) en Yves van Looy - Oracle (België)
Titel: OraEvents - from paper to the cloud
Abstract: To spread the knowledge of Oracle products to partners, Oracle regularly organizes tech sessions, trainings, workshops, boot camps, ... You probably already subscribed for one the Oracle trainings yourself. Your registration and processing happens through a web application, built in the best web development software: Oracle Application Express (APEX). During this keynote you will see the complete lifecycle of OraEvents, and see how a small APEX application can grow into a critical platform. To top it off you will see OraEvents into the cloud, but not just any cloud ...
Bio Stijn van Raes: Stijn van Raes is a senior Oracle consultant and solution architect who specializes in creating web applications with Oracle Application Express. He is teamlead at iAdvise of the Apex team in the Netherlands, and loves to spread his knowledge by giving coaching, training and presentations.
Bio Yes van Looy: Yves Van Looy is Partner Enablement and DemGen Manager for Oracle. 16 years ago Yves started at Oracle as a Pre-Sales consultant mainly working on business cycles with Oracle partners. As a pre-sales consultant he developed many partner enablement programs. 4 years ago he switched to a less technical and more business function as partner enablement manager while continuing to develop the partner enablement program. Because enablement and demand generation have a lot in common, Demand Generation manager was aslo added to his role. In short: Yves is a partner knowledge developer with a marketing mind and a technical background.
p a r a l l e l
Osman Akdemir - Yellowstar (Nl)
Title: APEX in practice for Enterprise Applications / Business
Abstract: It has been an on-going discussion whether Apex is suitable for Big-Scale Enterprise applications or it is just a reporting, add-on development tool! Let's take a look:
  • Scalability? It runs on the world's most advanced & fastest database.
  • Business Logic? It's fully SQL and PL/SQL supported.
  • Advanced user interface functions? jQuery is the master of all.
So, tell me what do YOU need in order to build Big-Scale Enterprise application? Just APEX, our experience plus your belief.
 Hoyer's back office system with Apex has 3000 screens, 800 functions, many plug-ins/add-ons and it's endlessly scalable.
 ''That's the proof of the pudding!''
 In this presentation, I will show you the key elements of this success, challenges we faced and how we tackled them.
Bio: Yellowstar Solutions, founded in 2009, has successfully introduced SCRUM using Apex. Because, no other environment is so suitable for SCRUM as much as APEX is. The result is, growth from 4 to 30 staff in 5 years. That's what Oracle Apex can do for you too!   Osman Akedemir, COO of Yellowstar Solutions, envisioned a career in IT for Logistics in 2002. Since then, he has been advising companies on how to create efficiency and transparency in the most practical way. Follow Osman on @oakdemir or
Alan Arentsen - Ordina (Nl)
See Dutch version.
Dietmar Aust Oracle ACE - Opal Consulting  (Germany)
Title: A Spotlight on the Smaller Features of APEX 5
Abstract: In the upcoming release of Oracle Application Express 5.0, there will be once again many significant major product enhancements, the so-called "marquee features" as described in the Statement of Direction (SOD) for Oracle APEX. Nevertheless, the APEX team will, in addition to the marquee features, add a ton of smaller improvements that will improve the developer's productivity. This presentation will focus on the many smaller enhancements of the product.

Bio: Dietmar Aust is working as a freelance consultant in Germany, focusing onOracle Application Express and Oracle XE. Starting in 1997, he worked for threeyears as a consultant for Oracle in Germany. Since then, he has helped numerousleading companies in Germany to successfully deliver web-based applicationsbased on the Oracle product stack, especially the Internet application server-- Oracle Portal and Reports. He is a regular presenter at various Oracleconferences (ODTUG, OOW, DOAG), conducts training classes on APEX, andco-authored a book on APEX best practices in German (Oracle APEX und Oracle XEin der Praxis), as well as Expert Oracle Application Express in English. He wasawarded Oracle ACE status in 2012. Find out more about him at or

Patrick Bal - Fiton (Nl)
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Dick Dral - Smart4Apex (Nl)
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Dimitri Gielis Orace ACE director - APEX R&D (Belgium) 
Title: How to make APEX print through node.js
Abstract: Printing has always been a weak point in APEX. Sure, there's BI Publisher, but who can afford that? In this presentation I will combine some node modules with APEX so your APEX app can generate Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in no time and for free.
Menno Hoogendijk - iAdvise (Nl) en Laurens Hamelink - Twinq (Nl)
See Dutch version. 
Patrick Jenneskens - Hendrix-Genetics (Nl) en Leon Timmermans - Hendrix-Genetics (Nl)
See Dutch version.
Koen Lostrie - Oracle (Be) 
Title: Track the changes in your Apex application between releases: Yes you can. 
Abstract: One of the biggest challenges in a professional Apex development environment is figuring out what has changed in an application between 2releases. I will present a method for comparing the delta between two versions of an apex application in a readable format. I’ll cover the approach I took to create this solution, the architecture of the tool, the technical challenges I encountered and I will give a short demo.
Dan McGhan Oracle ACE - Oracle  (US )
Title: 'An Introduction to Javascript for APEX Developers' (Parallel session 4)
Abstract: Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a declarative framework that allows people with knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL to create sophisticated web applications. The framework does an excellent job of abstracting away most of the browser technologies needed to create web applications and even includes a declarative interface to JavaScript called Dynamic Actions. However, many APEX projects may include requirements that are not supported out of the box and require some knowledge of JavaScript to solve. In this session, attendees will leverage their existing knowledge of PL/SQL to learn the basics of JavaScript. Topics will include JavaScript language fundamentals, the basics of DOM scripting with jQuery, as well as how to add JavaScript code to your APEX applications.
Title: An Introduction to Javascript Bases Web Applications Using the Oracle Database (Parallel session 5)
Bio: Dan McGhan is an Oracle Developer Advocate with a focus on JavaScripot and HTML5. He suffers from Compulsive Programming Disorder, which is believed to be linked to his balding. Having started his development career in the land of MySQL and PHP, he was only too happy to have stumbled upon Oracle Application Express (APEX). Since then, he's dedicated his programming effoprts to learning more about Oracle and web based technologies in general. These days he enjoys sharing his passion for Javascript and Oracle via his blog at
Arian Macleane &  Hendrik Blok - Transfer Solutions (Nl)
See Dutch version.
Richard Martens - Smart4APEX (Nl)
See Dutch version.  
Alex Nuijten Oracle ACE Director & Alan Arentsen, Ordina (Nl)
Title: APEX, Node.js and HTML5:Magic!
Abstract: Take your Oracle Application Express applications to the next level. When you want information, you need to go and get it yourself. Wouldn't it be wonderful when you get informed when events take place? Or to send messages to wherever you want: chat with other users, send information to smartphones, or even tell Lego Mindstorms what to do next.
Using NodeJs and HTML5 in your APEX application you can do exactly that. In this session you will learn how to implement NodeJs and how to take your APEX application to the next level.
Bio ALex Nuijten: Alex Nuijten works as a key consultant for Ordina Oracle Solutions in The Netherlands. Besides his consultancy work, he conducts training classes, mainly in APEX, SQL and PL/SQL. Alex has been a speaker at numerous international conferences, such as ODTUG, Oracle Open World, UKOUG, IOUG, OUFG, BGOUG, OGH and OBUG. He was part of the Nordic ACE Directors Tour in 2012. He is also a frequent contributor at the Oracle Technology Network forum for SQL and PL/SQL. He wrote many articles in  Oracle related magazines, and at regular intervals he writes about Oracle Application Express and Oracle database development on his blog ''Notes on Oracle'' ( Alex is co-author of the book ''Oracle APEX Best Practises'' (published by Packt Publishers). In August 2010, Alex was awarded the Oracle ACE Director membership. 
Bio: Alan Arentsen is an Oracle APEX developer with experience on a wide spectrum. He has done everything between installations and development in PL/SQL and APEX. Alan has been developing applications in JAVA, C++, and various scripting tools since 1998. Since he ''met'' APEX, his enthusiasm has grown.
David Peake - Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Application Express, Oracle, (US)
Title: Hidden Nuggets in Application Express 5.0 Page Designer
Abstract: Application Express 5 introduces the world's most powerful browser-based IDE. Of course it weems easy to use and powerful. You may have even tried it out yourself. But the Page Desginer is one of the most feature-rich components ever introduced in an Application Express release, and its easy to miss many of the well-thought out features. This session will outline the top ten features within Page Designer that you may not have discovered yet and will transform you highly productive developer to super ninja.
Bio: David Peake is the Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Application Express. He joined Oracle in 1993 and spent the first 13 years within Oracle Consulting in Austarlia, New Zealand, and the United States, building bespoke application. In 2006, Davind joined the Product Development team as the Oracle Applicatin Express (Oracle APEX) Product Manager, and presents at numerous conferences around the world.
Peter Raganitsch  Oracle ACE Director -  FOEX (Austria) 
Title: Interactive Reports in APX - Watch out for the Pitfalls
Abstract: Interactive Reports is one of the most popular features in Oracle APEX and has been around since Version 3.1 (2008). But do you really know what's going on when using Interactive Reports? We'll start in the beginning and look at all the features of an IR plus also look at what's happening behind the scenes. This will show you how important it is to control which features are allowed for end users and how you can tune performance. After this session you might run back to work to fix all your IR's. Your users will welcome faster reports and getting rid of features they scarcely used. (English presentation)
Shakeeb Rahman - Oracle (US)
Title: APEX 5.0 Universal Theme 
Abstract: Universal Theme is an all-new user interface for your applications that has been built from the ground up for Application Express 5. It is a simpler, yet more capable theme that does away with excessive templates and enable effortless customization. Universal theme is the culmination of all of our U1 enhancements and aims to empower developers to build modern, responsive, sophisticated applications without requiring expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Javascript. Learn how to use the new styles, template optins, and theme roller to readily change the look and feel of your applications.
Bio: Shakeeb Rahman is a Principal Software Developer at Oracle and leads user interface design for Oracle Application Express (APEX), packaged apps, and thermes. Shakeeb strives to empower APEX developers with the tools they need to build clean, beautiful, responsive applications and regularly presents at industry conferences including Oracle Open World and ODTUG KScope. You can insights into what Shakeeb is up to by following @shakeeb on Twitter (
Yvonne van Dorst - iAdvise (Nederland) en William de Vries - Robeco (Nederland)
See Dutch version.
Veerle Slootmans & Nick Buytaert  - Contribute (Belgium)
SABAM E-Licensing customer case

SABAM is the Belgian association of authors, composers andpublishers. Their goal is to collect, distribute and administer, all royalties,on behalf of its associates, its members and similar companies. The company wasfounded in 1922 and its head office is located in Brussels, Belgium. SABAM was in need of an online declaration tool to replacethe old paperwork processes and optimize their customer communications. Customers are now provided with an easy‐to‐use and secure APEX web application where one can make price simulations and declarations for their events or business. Over fifty different kinds of declarations can be simulated and officially submitted using the eLicensing application. This great amount of declaration types led to a high level of complexity during all phases of the project. The purpose of this session is to share the encountered challenges and solutions we came up with. We will also highlight several techniques that, we think, should be part of every APEX project.

Michael van Zoest - Whitehorses (Nl) 
Title:APEX en SOA  - The best of two worlds

Many companies have invested in an APEX application or a Service Oriented Architecture. But why not use both? In this presentation we will see the possibilities offered by APEX and the Oracle SOA Suite to communicate and integrate with eachother.

(Dutch presentation)  
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